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Frequently Asked Questions
A: Click on 'Register' in left hand navigation bar. Select 'Alumni' or 'Teaching Staff.' Enter your surname and class year. Class year is the year that you completed or would have completed grade 12 (2nd year of A-levels or IB) had you stayed on. Click on 'Search directory.' If your name appears, select it and follow the directions. If it doesn't appear, click on the red words after the number '2' under 'You now have two options,' which read 'Click here to register.' On the next screen choose your own username and enter it, type in your first and last name and class year. Then select 'Register.' Fill out as much information as you wish. Fields with a red * are mandatory, however. Uncheck boxes beside the fields to hide the information from other members. Leave the boxes checked if you wish other registered members to see the information when viewing your profile. Information in unchecked boxes can be seen by the administrator only. Accept the terms of use and click on 'Register.' The registration will go to the administrator for approval.
A: Ensure that you have filled in all required fields, that information requested twice for accuracy purposes matches identically and that you have accepted the terms of use at the bottom. If you are still having trouble, please send an email to for assistance.
A: This way, all alumni are listed with classmates who would have attended some classes with them at the same time, regardless of when they all actually arrived at or left UWCSEA.
A: Only other registered members can view your profile. The only information seen by non-members is your name, class year, city and location (state, province or county) if you have not unchecked the boxes beside those two latter fields. This information appears in the class lists. All other information is private and available only to other registered members. Information in many fields can be hidden even from other registered members by unchecking the box beside the field when entering the detail.
A: Select 'sign in' and enter the username and password that you chose during registration.
A: Send an email to to request your username and it will be emailed to you.
A: Click on 'sign in' and enter your username. Then click on 'reset my password.'
A: Once you are signed in, click on 'Message Centre' on the right side of the screen. On the next screen across the top, select 'Message Preferences' and click on 'Show all preferences' (top right). Then simply uncheck the boxes as desired. To save changes, click 'Save my settings.'
A: After signing in, click on 'My Messages' on the right side of the screen. Under 'Message Options' click on "Message a member.' On the search screen which appears, perform a search by entering name or part of a name etc and select 'search.' When the name appears, click on 'Message member' which appears at the right of the name. Enter the subject and text and click 'Preview.' When you are satisfied with your message, click 'Send now.'
A: Send an email to and we will add your news or event to the news section or event calendar. You can add event information yourself to the regional group pages.
ADunia newsletter is available online on the Perspectives site at this link -
AYes. Send an email to .

Q: How can I receive the latest Alumni News and Events updates as and when they are updated?

A: The alumni website has RSS Feed enabled. It allows you to see when there is new content in the Alumni news and events pages without visiting the alumni website. The RSS Feed button (Orange button, "RSS" ) is located on the top right of the News and Events page. By clicking on the RSS button you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Clicking on the button takes you to another page, click on "+" to add the link to your feed list. The news and event updates should appear on either your desktop or your news reader. Some examples of popular readers are My Yahoo!Newz Crawler, Feed DemonMicrosoft Live, and Mozilla Firefox.
A: RSS Feed requires Feed Readers. The above scenario may happen when your browser does not support RSS. You can have the Feed downloaded to your computer or drag the URL of the feed into your Feed reader or cut and paste the same URL into a new feed in your Feed reader. Some examples of popular readers are My Yahoo!, Newz Crawler, Feed DemonMicrosoft Live, and Mozilla Firefox.  

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