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Reunion 2017 Public Attendee List
Reunion 2017 - Singapore: 25-27 August 2017

Below is the public list of alumni who are planning to attend Reunion 2017, celebrating the classes of 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2007 in Singapore. Alumni from close class year groups and former staff are welcome as well to help celebrate.


To see the full names, please click here and sign into the website.

Scroll down to find your class! The lists will be updated regularly. Please keep checking back!
Class of 2007

Name Country Official Registration Status
Ailee K UK Confirmed
Akash G (and Dipti R) Canada Confirmed
Angkan Mukherjee China Confirmed
Amy S UK Confirmed
Arjun M (and Vanessa O Z) Singapore Confirmed
Astrid H Norway Confirmed
Brian B USA Confirmed
Calvin L Singapore Confirmed
Cameron C UK
Catherine A USA Confirmed
Chris H R UK Confirmed
Claire S
USA Confirmed
Crystan T USA  
Dana R Israel Confirmed
Daniel M Vietnam Confirmed
Daniel S Singapore Confirmed
David K (and Charlotte E) Canada Confirmed
Derek Y (and Kathleen S) Canada Confirmed
Emily S UK Confirmed
Erik L Singapore Confirmed
Etienne Y (and Suhatya E) Hong Kong Confirmed
Hanna S Sweden Confirmed
Harriet T Singapore Confirmed
Harsh G India Confirmed
Jessica X Hong Kong Confirmed
Jonathan S Singapore Confirmed
Ken N Japan Confirmed
Laura W Singapore Confirmed
Lindsay D Australia
Marcus Y Singapore
Marylou K Netherlands Saturday - Confirmed
Mike M UK
Mit V India
Mitchell S Singapore Confirmed
Nadia V UK Confirmed
Natalie d B (and Charles R) Singapore Confirmed
Naivedya A India Confirmed
Nathan P
Indonesia Confirmed
Nishane K India Confirmed
Pasca T UK Confirmed
Philip G Sweden Confirmed
Rebecca K
USA Confirmed
Rohit G (and Pragya G) India Confirmed
Rushil T India Confirmed
Saif D USA
Saikrishna C USA Confirmed
Sam M UK Confirmed
Shivam S
India Confirmed
Shivendra Rana Singapore  
Sian W USA Confirmed
Sofie K UK Confirmed
Soo Han Y Singapore Confirmed
Sruti P Singapore Confirmed
Stewart J China Confirmed
Toni L UK
Tyler D (and Sarah D)
Singapore Confirmed
Vedant D Singapore Confirmed
Vikram R USA
William E Singapore Confirmed
Yoshiko S France

Class of 1997

Name Country Official Registration Status
Abhishek K India Confirmed
Adam W Singapore  
Alex H-C Thailand
Anu S (and Vinod S) Singapore Confirmed
Ashima Thomas Singapore  
Biby H Hong Kong Confirmed
Bianca L I Malaysia Confirmed
Birgit H UK Confirmed
Bronwyn B (and Matthew B) Australia Confirmed
Cecilia H Sweden
Debbie G Singapore
Denise B United States Confirmed
Eli R-S Norway
Erwin A(and Angela P S) Malaysia Confirmed
Ewan A (and Teh M) Malaysia Confirmed
George F Japan Confirmed
Graeme T Australia Confirmed
Jacqueline O
Singapore Confirmed
James S Singapore Confirmed
Janet W UK
Jerome B(and Elizabeth B) Singapore Confirmed
Jerome D (and Ekaterina D) Vietname Confirmed
Kristoffer R USA
Lieve V Vietnam
Luesak L (and Lynne L)
Thailand Confirmed
Luisa N (and Roger B) Australia Confirmed
Niels H Hong Kong  
Nena G Singapore Confirmed
Mamiko K Singapore Confirmed
Marleen B Belgium
Marisa H Singapore Confirmed
Marc G New Zealand
Mei C (and Emma N) UK Confirmed
Parveen T UAE Confirmed
Peter C Hong Kong Confirmed
Peter L Malaysia Confirmed
Rana C (and Josh C) USA Confirmed
Richard H  UK Confirmed
Remi H Japan Confirmed
Sam S Turkey Confirmed
Selma N Australia Confirmed
See See T Malaysia Confirmed
Tammy C (and Roland C) Singapore Confirmed
Tim U (and Jessica U) Singapore Confirmed
Terence T Singapore Confirmed
Upwan R Hong Kong Confirmed
Valli J Australia

Class of 1993
Official Registration Status
Alexander K Singapore Saturday
Emma B
Singapore Confirmed

Class of 1992

Name Country Official Registration Status
Ahna D Singapore Confirmed
Anders W USA Confirmed
Ann S USA Confirmed
Anthony (Tony) C (and Tina C) Germany Confirmed
Alexander H-P
Thailand Confirmed
Ayako H Japan Confirmed
Bhushan R (and Ina B)
Malaysia Confirmed
Christine H W
USA Confirmed
Cheng L (and KhanH V) Vietnam Confirmed
Chris M Singapore
Dana N South Korea Confirmed
David Kok Leong C (and A Sharon De A) Singapore Confirmed
Donna T New Zealand
Erik K
Sweden Confirmed - Sat
Eu-Khin C (and Sia Peng L) Malaysia Confirmed
Franciska W Indonesia
Ingrid A Australia
Jason S Singapore
Jonette E D
Hong Kong Confirmed
Jennifer B R (and Howard G) USA Confirmed
Keng Teck C (and Minoru T) Malaysia Confirmed
Louisa P (and Brian P) UK Confirmed
Manik A Singapore  
Marvin S (and Nesya S) Indonesia Confirmed
Matthew E (and Amanda E) Australia Confirmed
Michael E Malaysia  
Michelle T Singapore Confirmed
Mikael M Switzerland Confirmed
Nigel B Australia  
Nina Z (and Azrin K) Malaysia Confirmed
Ricarda R Thailand Confirmed
Reza D Indonesia Confirmed
Roy S Indonesia Confirmed
Sasha W
New Zealand Confirmed
Sarah B Australia Confirmed
Sarah G USA Confirmed
Simon H-S Australia Confirmed
Simon W UK Confirmed
Shilpa I USA Confirmed
U Gene C (and Vinea C) Malaysia Confirmed
Wade M (and Rachael M) Australia Confirmed
Yolanda L Taiwan Confirmed
Yuriko T
Indonesa Confirmed

Class of 1987

Name Country Official Registration Status
Kenneth N Singapore Confirmed
Kevin S USA Confirmed
Sandra H-E and Christoph H Switzerland Confirmed
Sean G Malaysia  Confirmed - Sat 
Theodora (Teddy) U and Seth U Bulgaria Confirmed
Siw H Singapore Confirmed
Kevin M Singapore  Confirmed 
Vicky M Singapore Confirmed

Class of 1982

Name Country Official Registration Status
Andrea S Australia Confirmed
Christoph Z
USA Confirmed
Cristina C (and Rachel C R) USA
Elaine H Netherlands
Elias M UK Confirmed
Erik J Netherlands Confirmed
Fiona S Australia Confirmed
Gerard G Australia Confirmed
Gillian M UK Confirmed
Glenn D Hong Kong Confirmed
Helle G Norwary Confirmed
Hendra S Indonesia Confirmed
Kaoru S Australia Confirmed
(Ken) Kuntjono T  Singapore Confirmed
Klaus B
Germany Confirmed
Kris Meijer Australia Confirmed
Mark S Netherlands Confirmed
Ole G S Norway
Paul M Singapore Confirmed
Raven S Malaysia Confirmed
Rival H Indonesia
Sina Kristine Y Norway Confirmed
Stephen P (and Dana P) Australia Confirmed
Veneeta te L (and Jan van N) Netherlands Confirmed
Wolf Weber (and Veronique G) USA Confirmed
Yuming T Malaysia Confirmed

Class of 1977

Name Country Official Registration Status
Adrienne P (and Christian S) Switzerland Confirmed
Anne R UK Confirmed
Carol O
Australia Confirmed
Farina B Germany Confirmed
Joanne C (and Mike C) UK Confirmed
Joerg B Germany Confirmed
Harvey P Australia Confirmed
Karen R Mexico Confirmed
Kenneth J Singapore Confirmed
MaryBeth V (and Nasim V) USA Confirmed
Melinda R (and Colin R) Australia Confirmed
Niru R USA Confirmed
Peta M Australia
Sarah S Australia Confirmed
Tom H USA Confirmed

Class of 1975
Official Registration Status
Chris M Australia Confirmed
Class of 1972

Name Country Official Registration Status



Chris Edwards Head of College  
Nick Alchin Head of East Campus  
Seng Chee Ho Past Governor  
Han Wue Teo Former Staff  
Susi Teo Former Staff  
Andy Cockburn Current Staff  
Cameron Hunter Current Staff  
Colin Peter Current Staff  
Dave Shepherd Current Staff  
Dudley Finter Current Staff  
Julie Martens Current Staff  
Kate Lewis Current Staff BBQ only
Gabriel Abad Current Staff
Gary Seston Current Staff  
Gary McKnight Current Staff
Martin Lyon Current Staff  
Tony Hopwood Current Staff  
Wayne Fozzard Current Staff  
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